O March  09, 08: Site is completely revamped.
O March  09, 08: Another two papers will be ready for upload. Stay tuned...
Novbr  15, 08: Just for fun! Check these 2 PDF files for my website map,
               as of Nov 15, 08. Visual Complexity Structure [I]
& [II].
               Note: page 2 is the Submarine section. [I] is fully
               linkable, zoom in. {Check Download - Anything section}
O April  22, 08: An electronic mailing list is added (check below) to keep you
updated about any new things.
August 03, 08: I've just released a new paper entitled "Achilles Heel in the 
               Philosophy of Prometheus Boundless Security" at CodeBreakers-
               Journal. Please check the Publications section for a copy of 
               the paper + POC. I hope you'll enjoy it. You are welcome for
               any comments, criticisms,...
               M. F. Mokbel