O Febru  07, 09: A new section about MDL (Macro Descriptive Language) will open soon, details later on.
March  26, 10: The paper entitled "An Embellished Macro Descriptive Language For Reverse Assembly Code" has been published in IEEE Potentials Vol. 29, Issue 2, (March/April 2010) P. 26-33. Please check the publications section for a PDF copy of the paper supplied with the proof of concept.
April  08, 10: Entyzer+ v0.1 Alpha Build:080410 is released. Please check the RCE Download section. Stay tuned for the paper.
Decber 22, 10: Publications (4 new papers), About and Contact Me sections
               have been updated.
Entyzer goes Fermions Build with a major
has been released. The paper "An Unobtrusive Entropy
               Based Compiler Optimization Comparator
" is also available to
               download from the Publications section.